Will I ever feel happiness again?

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    It's been 5 months, 19 days, 12 hours and 26 minutes since he passed into eternity in my arms, in our home, with our 4 children around his bed.

    I know that he needed to go. I understand that he couldn't stay. Truth is, I am grateful he isn't suffering anymore. I have loved that man since he was a boy of 17. I lost him 3 months before his 56th birthday. 38 years..... We loved each other 38 years and now.....

    POOF..... He is gone. My heart aches for him. My heart longs for that precious, lovely man..... but he is simply gone.

    I know I will get through this. I know Father has a plan for me without him. I am a believer and believers don't grieve as unbelievers do for our hope is in Christ Jesus. I know I will see him again....

    But I gotta say.....
    This sucks.....
    A lot....

    I feel empty all the time.
    I haven't lost my faith. It's the only thing keeping me standing, but I feel sad all the time. I know I will survive this. I know I have purpose. I want to complete the purpose for which I was created. Lord, help all of us find you. In our pain, comfort us and give us strength. Help us find courage to keep moving when everything in us tells us to just lay down and stop.

    Aauuuuggghhhh! I just miss him so much, every single second since he looked at me last. Sweet Ronan Keith, I will always love you, into eternity.
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    Terri, your words could not have been more clearer in describing the way many of us feel. We all have clocks running in our heads - how long has it been since last we talked, held each other, and just simply lived life. I count the number of Mondays since that is the day my wife passed. Yes, we do feel grateful that they no longer have to deal with the disease anymore. We actually had beat cancer twice and after a stem cell transplant, thought we were finally on track. Life isn't that simple and within 30 days, the love of my life was gone. The last week I could hear heaven calling and prayed for a quick and peaceful end. There are no "what if's" other than getting cancer. We did everything we could as a patient and caregiver - it just wasn't meant to be. Like you, my faith has helped although I struggle with the emptiness this has caused - not for me but for my children and grand children. This was her purpose in life and she was so much better at it than me. Her one and only wish while battling cancer was to be around for the grand kids and this was taken away from her. There are many ways eloquent ways to describe our feelings but I think you said it the best - this sucks. I kept asking God what my purpose in life is. What do you want me to do now? I finally came to the realization that when we first were put on this earth, we had to forge our own path. So I believe we need to find purpose once again and live a life our spouses would have wanted us to. Your last sentence sums it up the best. A touch of frustration and loneliness yet a clear message to heaven of your love for your husband. All of us on this board speak the same language - just different words. Thank you for expressing the way many of us feel.
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    Ksteve, thank you for your kind words. Your wife sounds lovely. I am sorry for your children and grandchildren's pain.

    Honestly, the only time I forgot about my pain is when I have my 3 year old grandbaby. She is our 7th grandchild and they adored one another. I am so grateful I took pictures of them together the last time she saw him. We had no idea it was their last time together. They were working in the yard together. That man and his flowers. He has made me a gardener now. I am now the keeper of his beautiful flowers. Most of them are asleep now. He had been chronically ill for several years, but it was not terminal. So, he had been adding things every year that he knew would come back yearly so that I would have a beautiful yard once he was gone. We just never dreamed he would be gone so fast. The cancer came out of no where and took him so fast That man had blood work every 3 months and they did not find the cancer until 3 months before he died. How does that happen? When the doctor finally gave us a timeline, he told us he had a year to live. Six weeks and one day later he died in my arms.

    I don't know how anyone survives this kind of loss without Christ. Just talking about him makes me so happy and sad at the same time. But, you understand that, don't you?

    Just knowing I have a place to go where I can talk about him and know that whoever is listening cares and isn't sick of hearing me. Thank you for that.

    Thank you to everyone on this site. Just knowing I am not alone helps. Not a lot, but it does help.

    I am praying for everyone on this site. I pray comfort for us all and strength to go forward with whatever Father has for us.

    God bless you all.
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    Ksteve, please tell me about your wife any time you need to. I would be happy to hear about her.
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    Terri, your words mirror my own. I met my husband when he was 17 and I was 15. We are soulmates. We almost made it to 49 wonderful years of marriage. Yes cancer sucks. And now that he is gone I wonder what my purpose is now too. In March it will be one year he went on ahead......I know he is there and we will be together again. But life here without him is difficult. I have been having better days, but I have meltdowns now and then. I know so many of us are in the same boat. They say it will get better. But after so many years of loving a person and being loved back, knowing how fortunate we were, how long does it take to get better.....I will never truly get over this, and I really am trying to figure out where my path is leading me. I do hope better days are ahead.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. I truly am. I don't think we do get over this loss. I think in time we learn to live with it. I cried all day again. I am just so profoundly sad all the time now. I know it won't always he like this. It can't be. Father God has something better for us than this pain. There has to be a way to turn this pain into something we can build the kingdom of God with. Don't ask me what this is right now. Cause the way I feel now is still so raw. But I am a believer, so I have to believe I will heal in time and find joy in this part of my journey without him. The hardest part .... sheesh, who am I kidding, it's all so hard. I am breathing now. That's progress. I don't know what my new normal is supposed to look like. Saturday was 6 months for me. Sheesh. It's been a year for you and you still sound as heart broken as I am now. It is any easier, at all? I find myself isolating because I don't really have anything to say that doesn't involve him. I am positive people are tired of listening to me lament over my sweet Ronan Keith. I got the paperwork in the mail Saturday from the lawyer with all the LEGAL papers that declare him gone in the eyes of the state. The house is under my name now. I have to go to the dmv and have the car put under my name. I may have to wait a while for that. I can just see me crying my heart out in the DMV. They are taking his name off of everything, like he was never here. But, he was here. He saved me at 17 and then he loved me until his last breath. Poor baby was so worried about me. Three weeks before he died, with 25 pounds of fluid in his stomach, he climbed on a ladder to change light bulbs in our 10 ceiling. How did he do that? He waited until Inran to the pharmacy. When I came home all of the bulbs were changed. He was trying so hard to fix everything for me That sweet man never stopped. He took care of me literally up until the moment he started actively dying. I miss him so much. No one has ever loved me so purely. No one has ever wirked so hard to provide for me. All he caredabout was making sure thth Inwould be okay once he was gone. I am so grateful I was blessed to have him for so long. How does anyone survive this level of pain without Jesus? I feel as though my heart may never heal, but the Binle promises that we do not grieve as unbelievers. I believe that he is with Father and I will see him again. That brings me peace, but still the only time I am not overwhelmed with sadness is when I have my grandbaby. She is 3 and she loves her PawPaw so much. We talk about him sometimes when she is with me. She wears his boots and we talk about him living with Jesus now. She was the apple of his eye.

    Oh, I hope this gets easier. How does one live with this level of loss? Thank you for sharing your story with me. Please, write to me any time you need to. I truly am sorry that you lost your sweetheart. God bless you and keep you and comfort your heart.