Why I'm still grieving???

Discussion in 'Loss of a Parent' started by hazhal, May 22, 2020.

  1. hazhal

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    It has been 13 years since my mother left me in this world...I was just a 5 year old kid,,Living with stepmother causing my grief becoming worse everday..I am Tired..I want my mother so bad :'(
    How did everyone go through this?? I'm so confused..
  2. Wegotthis20

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    I don't think you will ever get over the loss of your Mom but just find ways to cope. I loss my mom on April 18th and some days I'm "okay" and other days I'm a complete mess... I wish I had a simple easy answer....
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  3. JoNas

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    Hazhal,it's ok. Probably some unresolved areas in the grief process,your griefwork.Go online.There are good grief coaches,educators out there to guide you.Also,Karyon the administrator of this site can guide you here. It's alright.Reach out.I did and had to.××
  4. JesFiveHealth

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    Thank you JoNas I feel the same way like there is some grief work I need to do
    I wish you all the best in your grief work hazhal
    We Love You
    We Support You
    We Care For You
    We Respect You
    I Love You
  5. JoNas

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    Thank you Jesse.
  6. JesFiveHealth

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    Your Welcome JoNas