Where are you from?

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  1. California Garden Grove ,Huntington Beach area Amador County Ione CA right now
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  2. By myself

    By myself New Member

    Trempealeau Wi
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  3. Maegan

    Maegan New Member

    Titusville Florida
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  4. Teresa101

    Teresa101 Member

    Amarillo, Texas
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  5. Diana Powell

    Diana Powell New Member

    I am from Jamaica west Indies
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  6. ksteve

    ksteve Member

    From Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  7. MelissaBc

    MelissaBc New Member

    I am in West Kentucky.
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  8. Washijuwia

    Washijuwia Member

    I'm in South-Central Montana, near the Wyoming border.
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  9. twyla

    twyla Member

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada.
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  10. paul tinker

    paul tinker Active Member

    From Seattle, Washington. It is cool to see how many places this site has reached.
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  11. Meghantree

    Meghantree New Member

    Southern California, near Anaheim.
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  12. Mike Anderson

    Mike Anderson Active Member

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  13. AdriaStar

    AdriaStar Member

    Albuquerque, New Mexico
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  14. Sona

    Sona Member

    I am from India.My husband was in the Air Force.I lost him two years back due to cardiac Arrest.
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  15. Megan 2019

    Megan 2019 New Member

    Geraldton, Western Australia