Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Grief in Common Updates, Questions & Answers' started by griefic, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. Kelli Baldwin

    Kelli Baldwin New Member

    Turlock, CA
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  2. PatriciaM19

    PatriciaM19 New Member

    New York. I’m not sure if I’m ready to meet anyone, but I like to know the option is there
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  3. Laura93

    Laura93 Member

    I am from Latvia. (eastern Europe) I have some friends from Colorado and Spokane, WA.
  4. Lidia Evangelista

    Lidia Evangelista New Member

    Hi my name is Lidia. I am from Stickney, IL. I am about 20 minutes away from the city of Chicago. I lost my husband to cancer in August of 2012. It was my biggest heartbreak, but also my biggest breakthrough. It inspired me to become a life coach, and support those who have experienced a major loss. I recently just launched my website. If anyone is interested in checking it out, please feel free. I hope it inspires whoever needs it. https://www.awakenthebeatofyourheartagain-lifecoaching.com/
  5. Claire Dean

    Claire Dean New Member

    Washington Heights, NYC
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  6. Willow Wood

    Willow Wood New Member

    I live in the Northern Panhandle of Florida.
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  7. MissAdalay

    MissAdalay Member

    I love in Winston Salem, NC!
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  8. MissAdalay

    MissAdalay Member

    Me too! I'm from Winston Salem!
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  9. Pommyapplebear

    Pommyapplebear New Member

    Hello From Manchester England
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  10. Scoutpete

    Scoutpete Member

    Emmie, Marv0128. I live in Mount Vernon, Maine. Relocated here fall of 2016 and my husband died 5 months after our move
  11. MissAdalay

    MissAdalay Member

    I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I lost my grandpa two years ago as of May 11th and it's been so hard. You can feel dree to message me if you need anything!
  12. #1Diva

    #1Diva Member

    San Francisco Bay Area in California.
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  13. Mike H

    Mike H New Member

    Lebanon Oregon. Next to Corvallis and Salem (kinda).
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  14. melmur

    melmur Member

    I am from Michigan
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  15. Terry01

    Terry01 New Member

    im in anthem arizona
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  16. Mya

    Mya New Member

    Hamilton Ontario Canada
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  17. SueS116

    SueS116 New Member

    I’m from New Hampshire, but very close to Mass and Maine, too
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  18. Debs

    Debs Member

    I'm from Queens, NY
  19. Sciguy

    Sciguy Well-Known Member

    I am from central NJ - near Princeton.
  20. SueS116

    SueS116 New Member

    I live in NH, very near the MA border.