Where are you from?

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  1. Jobe

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    I live in Richland, WA now, but lived in North Bend in 2010. Nice area.

    PINKCANDIEZ New Member

    I am TAWANA from Staten Island New York.

    PINKCANDIEZ New Member

    Hello, nice to meet you. I’m in my too just in Staten Island.
  4. glego

    glego Well-Known Member

    Staten Island is cool in my book, I get to NYC at least a couple times a year, love taking the ferry over.
  5. Jim612

    Jim612 New Member

    Thank you for sending a note back, this is all so new to me. My wife Sharon passed in January suddenly and my heart is broken. I have never felt such pain and grief
    this has really knocked me back and my world feels broken. I am doing the best just to get by day by day. We were married for 31 years and we did everything together. For me, the loneliness is really hard and very depressing. Thanks for listening - Jim
  6. RLC

    RLC Well-Known Member

    Jim, So sorry for the loss of your wife Sharon. Nothing prepares us for such a loss, or how to navigate through. The pain and lonliness are overwhelming. I lost my husband Ron suddenly to a heart attack. No previous warning no signs at all. Went from having a beautiful day together to not feeling at 9:30 pm to losing the love of my life 2 hours later. So fast, I didn’t know what hit me, I went into shock. That was 11/17/18, I can tell you things will get easier but I’m afraid it takes quite a lot of time. There’s so many ups and downs. Ron and I were together 44 years, married 41. Did everything together, ran our business together, nothing feels right any more, I miss him every minute of every day. As I can tell you miss Sharon. How can we not miss them, our lives revolved around our wonderful spouses.
    I hope you have family and friends supporting you, especially now with this health crisis happening. We need as much support as we can get. The quarantine in place makes everything even worse. Staying as busy as possible is what helps me the most. But I had to close our business, so I’m not working and I have no schedule. With warm weather coming I’ll be able to be outside and do yard work. Keep my mind more active. I’m hoping you have people you can rely on for support through phone calls or whatever means you choose and things to occupy you mind when you’re up to it. Plus this site helps so much, reading and sharing our stories is so helpful.
    There are better days ahead, keep working towards them.
  7. JesFiveHealth

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    Stunned in the heart
    Alan Willard
    David Hughes
    My temporary residence is in Grants NM
    I am a Truck driver entering new employment trucking is to lonely
  8. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member


    Hello back. It looks :rolleyes: like you have a convoy above. I remember after college working for a moving company as one of the worker bee-lifters. Some trips were long, lonely, and back-breaking. Nothing like sleeping on a floor to make the back feel better. :) Sure did beat filling sandbags in Nam.

  9. Dennis K.

    Dennis K. Member

    New Haven, CT
  10. Danny2444

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    Hi I am from Fresno CA
  11. mhwbcw92

    mhwbcw92 New Member

    I’m from New Jersey
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  12. Kieron

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    I'm in Minnesota, and would have introduced myself sooner but didn't notice this thread existed. :)
  13. Collinsar11

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    East Tennessee
  14. SadShells

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  15. SadShells

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    I am from New Jersey
  16. Momof8-1

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    I am from Nashville, TN
  17. Collinsar11

    Collinsar11 Member

    Clinton, TN
  18. frdanger

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    Charlotte, NC
  19. gail22

    gail22 New Member

    Hi my grandson at Yale. I’m in Pittsburgh Pa
  20. Paranoid

    Paranoid New Member

    From London, England. Currently residing in South Carolina, USA