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    One of our members brought to my attention something I have overlooked in the creation of this site.
    In facilitating bereavement groups for many years I have seen so many people find them helpful and come back time and again for the support and fellowship it offers. However there are still times when a person tells me "the group was great, but it was so sad hearing everyone else's stories, and I don't know if I can handle other people's sadness right now".
    This makes perfect sense, of course, if already feeling vulnerable or feeling that pain and loss is everywhere, that being a part of other people's stories may be too painful.
    Yet in my experience I see that being amongst those who are grieving is still the best place for a griever to be.
    So I open this forum as a place to share our stories of hope. We all have them. Just that small thing that happened - a kindness or a gesture, or that time when someone said just the right thing. Or when for maybe just a moment we're able to remember a wonderful memory and not feel that stab of pain along with it.
    This site is as much about finding support as it is about offering support (as every support group I've ever seen is). And already I've seen so many wonderful signs of people reaching out and helping each other even in their own darkest of times.
    Here on this thread, if you can...share a story of hope. For the person who is having a hard time being here, who needs to know there is light, who needs to share and be with others who are grieving, but needs to hear something good too.
    If you have anything like that to share, please do. Hopefully it will benefit you in sharing it, as much as it will for the person who reads it.
    As always, wishing everyone here all the best...
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    Hi Griffin
    On Nov the 17 I was sitting home and I had been wanting to visit the cemetery where my Carolyn is buried and since I hadn't been since mother's day so I mind of felt lime something was pulling me there so I went. I stopped and got her 3 boquets of roses and I started to get in my truck something told me to go back in and get some scissors to cut the flowers
    So when I got to the cemetery I new the vicinity it was in but I couldn't find it to save my life and I looked and looked but still couldn't find it I was just about to give up when I noticed to women up ahead of me and one of them came over to me and asked me if she could help me find someone And I told her i couldn't find my wife's grave She wanted to know what her name was and I told her Carolyn and asked what was the last name so I told her .
    The two women were standing right in front of Carolyn grave talking bout her they used to be our neighbors when we first moved in this neighborhood
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    They gave me a glimmer of hope
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    Hey John, I really like that story. I truly believe what happened out there that day was no coincidence - I have had only a few little things that I thought were "signs" of some kind from my son, who I lost to a drug overdose, in June of 2016. It has only happened a few times, but I always just know it's a message of some sort.

    Just thought I would share that with you. Take care of yourself.

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    Yesterday marked 2 months since I last saw my Jeffrey. I miss him more each day. My glimmer of hope came at the end of my day, I was finishing up some emails before going home, when my daughter came into my office with her sonogram, surprise she said you're going to be a Grammy again!!! This will make #5 for me, arrival in October. Bitter sweet, Jeff loved his grandbabies, but a wonderful glimmer of hope :)
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    A month after losing my daughter, a close friend called...it was Easter. In a box she found a letter from Amanda to me. Amanda must have wrote it when my friend babysat years before. The letter told me I was beautiful and the best mom a kid could have and that she loves me.
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