What is grieve?

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    What is grief?
    Well I was thinking about it the other day and I was trying to figure out why I was so sad all the time, why was crying all the time, it's because my focus and thoughts were on Amiee. The things that reminded me of her ,smelling her clothes, her smell, remembering the things that she did. Wanting to be part of her life still and not ready to be removed. Talking about this makes me even cry. Grief is emotions built up,that you can't hold inside anymore. Grief is heartache it really is grief is heartache; it's your heart its your heart morning, needing, wanting that person that's been removed. It's your loved one being removed and you wanting more time with that person. Also much more of these things...
    I just wanted to vent and see what other people think grief is to them. All have a beautiful day as they say one day at a time. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change to change...

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    Sadness, loss, an empty feeling, one we are unable to shake from our heart mind and soul after the one we loved so much in life is no longer with us, is in essence what grief becomes. Those tears, those hollow feelings with nothing to grab onto, and the moments of feeling so damn lonely we can't help ourselves so in our hopelessness we cry out, it is one that takes each of us on a journey we never wanted, but once it starts we also never want to lose those precious memories.

    It takes time to move forward in life. Each of us is so different, sure we live our own lives, but after loss, we are living a newly formed life. One that is such a great unknown. It doesn't matter what others think of us when we are sad, it is our loss, we try to reach out and share our sorrow with others, but let's face it, unless it happens to you and you alone, some people will never understand it.

    Jonathan, take all the time in the world you need. Just remember, there are no rules, our heart wants what our heart wants and cry as you need for those precious tears show profoundly you affected. I know it took me a long time to moved beyond those sad tears, but now they have turned to tears of joy as I remember so many people and all the wonderful memories they shared with me in life.

    Saying how much we miss our loved one is so damn normal Jonathan. Just take your time slowly. Make sure you don't fall into despair and may your burden of the loss become lighter each day.

    Peace Brother

    Today I play this song for you

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    Thankyou brother your words and song are always appreciated.
    Also I find myself reminding myself of memories with Aimee, I feel like I going to forget her or put her away that she doesn't existed or even worse like she was never here....

    But thankyou Dave I truly always enjoy your words brother.
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    Grief is a mind game. I cried literally none stop for the past two days. It was three months on the 22nd. I relive every since conversation. I think of all of the should of I should have done. I read in one of your post you loved one was lonely. Had a troubled relationship prior to you. Same in my side. But I didn’t know how bad until I read her journal the other night. It was all prior to me meeting her. I need some but not all of how much sadness she had. Her life was just beginning. We were on our way to creating a good balance. So grief for me is literally a mind game that I can’t turn off. I just signed up for online counseling. I’m willing to try anything to get some of this pain to stop. It’s way too over whelming. I hope you find peace.
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    I know, I was on my way there too with Aimee to achieving balance and creating a beautiful life life together ; I didn't realise how lonely she was before we began dating, reading over the texts in last March when were only friends, I could tell, How sad and lonely she was. I'm so glad I could become her "white knight" she would call me. Keeping talking in these threads it helps , talk to who will listen. You will find peace, talk to your lady, I do, she's my radiant Valkyrie,my angel that stands next to me everywhere I go. I know life is hard and seems never ending, but think how your loved one wanted you to live. I'm Always here to listen.
    Peace to. You my friend
    -Jonathan S
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    Mine is the broken heart, sick to my stomach ache...but, I stop, regroup, take in breaths. I even tell people just wait..until I can focus on what their saying.