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Unexpected/sudden loss

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Shaydutches, May 4, 2021.

  1. Shaydutches

    Shaydutches New Member

    Hey everyone. my name is shay and I’m having a hard time coping and processing my dads death. I really miss my dad and love him so much. I still wish I can talk to him! Just a couple of weeks ago on Saturday April 24th I lost my dad! My last parent. Three weeks prior he created a Facebook account and reconnected with me. I went to go see him at his house for the first and last time. Not only he reconnected with me but he got in contact with his long lost son/my other brother. He told me about him and we connected. During the same week I found my other sister. That whole week felt weird and I kept trying to process it. The following weekend me and my sisters hung out and got drinks which still felt weird but cool and of course we talked about our dad but I still had this guilt weird feeling just didn’t know what it was. The next weekend. My sister texted us in a group chat saying that my dad had passed away. I was at work when it happens alone with three other patients and my grandma. I haven’t been able to process that. I’ve tried to avoid it which in result is making me sick. I haven’t really I cried because right feel if I do that I will feel worse or something will happen to me. But everyday I try to avoid this grieving process. I go to sleep and be fine once I’m up for a while I get that sick feeling again. I know it’s feelings that I’ve surpress deep down and tears that want to come up and be released but I can’t relax my body. I keep thinking about my dad and seeing in in his casket and trying to make it a reality. It’s just so hard. I feel down and depress and want to get out of this feeling!! I really just need a good cry and scream and someone to hold me
  2. Onesimus

    Onesimus Member

    However you need to grieve, do it. Crying's ok. Screaming's ok. And stay in contact with family. Reach out on forums like this, too. Hang in there.