Truly you never know when your last day is

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    Jan.22,2020...the day my life changed forever. While driving home from a weekend of volunteer work my husband and best friend,bothNavy veterans, were hit head on by an 18 wheeler that crossed over into their lane. They were pronounced dead at the scene. I remember coming home and seeing a sheriff's car in my neighbor's driveway. I went over thinking something was wrong with one of them. Little did I know my world was about to be shattered and my heart along with it with the words I heard next from the trooper. I'm still trying to process those words. I dont know if I ever will.
    My heart goes out to everyone here. We put on brave faces, even a smile when people ask how we're doing. I usually just say fine or as well as I can be. But we know the truth.
    Thank you for letting me share and for traveling these painful journeys together.

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    I'm so sorry to read your story. My sweet wife Peg died suddenly. She suffered a brain aneurysm on an otherwise beautiful Saturday morning. I called for an ambulance right away but the doctor said no operation could have saved her. Declared irreversibly brain dead and on life support the next day. I let her to that afternoon. In one weekend my life was horribly changed and Peg's life was over. This happened on Nov 2, 2019. I hope you find comfort here. I have and come here often. Peace.
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    My husband died 12/12/19 after a protracted illness. I cannot imagine the horror it would have been to loose him suddenly. I'm sorry that you are here, but you are welcomed with open arms and hearts. Here you will find a place where you don't have to put on a brave face, and where when we ask you how you are, we genuinely want to know. The road ahead is rough, but I hope it lends you strength to know that many walk it with you in solidarity.
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    This may be the wrong thing to say, but when people ask how I’m doing I answer “ I exist”. That’s how I feel if I were to say I’m good I’d be lying.