Traveling old pathes Feeling memories in places she occupied

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    Well Thought I was going to just start my day as usual. I'm usually powering into my morning with Aimee helping each other get the little one off to school. Sure is a change, no more 9yr old to take care of, it is just crazy how many things have changed turned around or off or just gone. My life is so changed. I do unfortunately have to visit a place I have to go to methadone everyday.See this place is where I got Aimee back on track with life in direction of life not death. Memories of kissing Aimee in the hallway. Holding door for her, letting her dose first, being a gentlemen and I liked it... l...I just stood in line on this stupid dot on the floor crying and drumming up old Memories...I just gotta deal with it...I guess it makes me stronger...It seems I find out I'm getting a little stronger each will amaze yourself on how well you can deal... I'm going to continue my two week re-group, realign healing from life. So when I return to universe I can move forward and hopefully enjoy my summer, because I plan Too.
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