Tired of trying to talk to my Dad...

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    Hi, my name Jonathan I lost my Fiance about a month ago.
    I live with my father now which has loaded his wife my mother 5 years ago.
    Now my father is a workaholic doesn't know how to read or write and we are total opposite.
    I like to talk, I like to listen, I like to communicate to someone who will listen, who will not laugh at me, telling me go ahead off yourself, less I gotta deal with. I don't want to do that, but I feel like he never wants to open up cause it's not him or hated to feel emotions, I guess he doesn't know how to manage them except through work.

    I tell him, I need to talk, this doesn't mean with the tv on, laughing at inappropriate things which he does because of poor communcation skills. It makes me so angry, I feel everything sucks because money is always #1 around here and he's so scared of retirement he doesn't know what to do. From one minute, I can't wait to retire too I can't wait to get back to work on Monday. Back to I'll have to work till im dead. It sucks when your outlook is $$$ all the time when you have plenty of it and possessions replace people...thats the sadness of it all...

    I'm so tired of asking for help on something and just getting laughed at or made a joke of, getting reemed for stuff people normally just help or understand or just let happen cause it is not a big deal. Making mountains out of mole hills, it all seems like I'm breaking backs by just being around, like I'm a thorn in the side that needs to go away.

    I try, I really do but if something doesn't change, things are only going to build and get worse till I explode. I don't want to do this, im down to earth person I work out my issues, but when push comes to shove, im going to break.

    Why can't I ask for a little help and get it. I thought at least my father would understand this but Work & TV are his god, I guess Work & TV will comfort his soul...
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    Hi Jonathan,

    I’m not sure of your age or your father’s age but I can only assume and we know what that gets me! But, seriously, your dad sounds as if he is a “man’s man.” He doesn’t show a lot of emotion and he certainly isn’t one to mince words about trivial (to him) matters. It’s not his fault! It’s probably the way he was raised. He doesn’t realize how much you hurt and how much you need him to understand right now and even his guidance.

    Sometimes, it’s just not the way life works. There are good folks here that would be more than happy to lend an ear. Use it!

    I’m sorry you are feeling this way but better days are ahead!