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This site & the venting really helps!

Discussion in 'Grief in Common Updates, Questions & Answers' started by skies24, Mar 1, 2020.

  1. skies24

    skies24 Well-Known Member

    I’ll tell you this site is really helping me. No one in my life get what I’m feeling. I hate when people ask “how are you”? they don’t really want to know. They just want you to say I’m okay, I’m great. Cause if I said how I really feel.. they don’t want to hear that.

    Here I can vent and say what I’m feeling and it feels good to just write it out.

    I’m on day five of not drinking. This is big for me. I’m not getting wasted and drunk crying all night being an idiot and getting angry. When I drink I seem to get really angry at her and look for reasons to be mad at her. God I miss her!! I really hope one day I will see her again!!! And I hope she knows how much I love her and I’m sorry for all the stupid fights! All the stupid shit I ever said! And I just love her. And miss her.
  2. cg123

    cg123 Well-Known Member

    I agree that this site is very helpful in knowing that you are not alone in your grieving and being able to express your feelings without judgment.

    Good for you on reaching day five of not drinking and hope it continues. I think we all remember the fights, etc we had but we cannot undo them and dwelling on it does not help. I'm sure she knew how much you loved her and please keep in mind that we all have said and done stupid things in the past but it doesn't take away from the love you shared. I have to believe that one day we will see our departed again and that is what keeps me moving forward.

    Wishing you the best and hope you continue not getting wasted and drunk ... which I'm sure she wouldn't want you to do.
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