This isolation reminds me so much of when William was sick

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    Helllo. Hard hard times. This isolation so reminds me of the time when I lived in a bubble when William was so sick. To deal with that I didn’t not research his Illness or look in the internet at all. I wanted to give him my positive energy and love. And now I’m choosing to not do too much internet looking. The bubble life brings back the sinking stomach feelings. All the feelings about losing him ( he passed away at 15 form a brain tumor ).
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    So sorry for the loss of your son William. I agree this shelter in place is very trying on our hearts and minds. There is no guarantee for tomorrow, so we have to accept what is and tolerate it the best we are able.

    It had to be tremendously hard for William, and for you as well to cope. What you need to do now is take care of yourself. Sure anyone who has lost someone will always have regrets, but try to make sure you never dwell on what if’s as that will not serve any other purpose than to make you feel worse.

    We all might have things that happen in life we wish we could go back and change, but as long as we understand, and accept what has transpired, we can move forward in life. Life can be so hard to live, even when you think you have all the answers. We just have to accept what can’t be changed, and change what we might be able to alter.

    You need to find some peace of mind. Some comfort with life, a way to cope, a way to release your emotions. If you can seek a counsellor it could help.

    For now, please take care of yourself.


    This is a song for you

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    So sorry for the loss of your son. I can imagine how hard it is dealing with this and the isolation and stress of the "virus" circulating makes it worse. Wishing you peace and strength.