1. Tisay Jedi

    Tisay Jedi New Member

    All the time. But my stepmother & younger brother have that 6th sense. They would always tell me when someone was there (this is before we'd lost anyone close to us ourselves, so it was an energy that might be attached to a place or object). The love of my life died suddenly on January 11th, 2020, which was only 2 months after we had reunited (after 28 years-the pain of him divorcing me never healed). Google 'How you know your deceased love one is trying to contact you'. I picked up on the signs that were specific to him, and I focused and I got this feeling in my chest (that heart-pounding knot you get when you were waiting to be pick picked up for a date, or right before you walked down the aisle and you saw your love looking at you like you were the most beautiful girl in the world). It was like a 'hug' but different. I am always calling for him, but it doesn't work that way. I have felt his presence about 4 times-and its very distinct from if I just close my eyes and try to imagine him there. Of course, everyone has their faith and beliefs on what happens when we die, and I'm just sharing in my strong belief, because of the feelings and change in the energy in the room, that it was his spirit.
  2. Sara K Hatch

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    I lost my husband in Dec. 2017. I feel as if he is my guardian angel and watches over and protects me at all times. It gives me such peace of mind. I can't wait to be with him again. I have no fear of death whatsoever because I believe every soul goes on to the next world. It's just the natural step in our journey. From all that I have read or heard from people who have had near death experiences they often if not always meet friends or family who are there to greet them. The "next world" is not a physical one but a spiritual existence. All of them report that someone has told them it's not their time and they have to come back to this life. All that I have read or heard from them is that that world is astounding, beautiful, peaceful and much greater than this world. I have no doubt that your dear one is very close by and can be called on to assist you.