Taking a break and healing

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  1. Jonathan5757

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    Well in the last 2 weeks I've taking a hiatus, to really focus on me, my health, my mental, getting my sleep back. Getting my relationship/Energy right with Aimee. Letting my Universe Reset and watching and not interfering in the Reset. In doing this I'm hoping to have my head about me.I really want to get to back to work again I really Enjoy it and the money is a nice perk...lol
    Also it seems my breaking heart for Aimee well always be that.I know that it was best to have and love Aimee ( my love will never end) and to continue to Love her, that's what feels right. She has Always & Forever etched on heart and put there with Love.
    So I will keep living Life to the fullest & keep Aimee by my side.
    -Jonathan Staufenbiel A Man of Many Experiences...
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    Sounds like you are going in the right direction.....
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  3. RLC

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    Nicely stated Jonathon. Aimee will always be a part of you. No matter what you do or where you go, how you feel etc, she will always be with you in your heart.
    Hope you can get some sleep, back to work, like you’re working towards. Give yourself time.
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  4. Jonathan5757

    Jonathan5757 Well-Known Member

    I'm for sure just trying to learn balance, truly is what has me out of wack...If I just learn to balance life would be easier, simple. I'm used to complicating my Life instead just finding balance and living simple.

  5. RLC

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    It’s hard to find balance when our life has changed so much. But that is what we need to strive to accomplish. We’ll each get there in our own time.
    Our lives changed forever so quickly but the healing doesn’t happen like that. But it will happen and we’ll keep our loved ones in our hearts and minds forever. I personally think they help guide us.
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  6. skies24

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    I understand this whole heartily. Last week I was so good. Today I’m having a tough day. I think it’s because her birthday is Friday. Her 33rd. It’s tough. But I remember feeling okay last week so I know this week will be tough but I’ll be okay again. It’s weird thinking of a world without our person in it. Making plans without them. And everyone around us thinks just because you had a good week you must be okay now. I look forward to the balance. I look forward to this week being over. God this is such an emotional roller coaster.
  7. Jonathan5757

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    Yeah hate grief it just breaks you down, I do is talk to Aimee all day in my car or head. It just sucks not having her here it has only been 3 months and I gotta do the rest of life without her.Its is crushing for me to think about.I miss her in the quiet times at night, when. I'm alone in bed, crying wishing she was laying there with me. I hate feeling bummed out all the time and I don't want to feel like I'm wearing a mask for people. That's when people ask me. How are you?Sad my fiancee died...
    -Jonathan a man of experiences....

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  8. RLC

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    I agree, don’t wear a mask, to fake how you’re feeling. At night, seems the worst for everyone. It simply sucks. And at night it’s quiet and your mind takes you missing the. So very much. It’s inevitable. It will get better with time.
    Seems like a silly question, how are you? But at least they’re caring enough to ask.