Struggling to stay awake

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Jannyb, Jun 14, 2020.

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    My fiance was killed in a cycling accident 5 weeks ago. Yesterday had bad news that the supposed witnesses weren't witnesses, but turned up after the accident. The van driver and passenger told them what (supposedly) happened.

    It's a big knock back because it's reliant on their word and the assessment of thr accident site/mathematical calculations etc.

    I've been struggling with exhaustion but since that news, it's literally like I can't stay awake. I'm in precarious position financially in rented house, so need my mental faculties. But it's literally like cotton wool in my head. I literally cannot make decisions without shaking and panicking.

    I'm resting, eating, started meditating a few days ago but the exhaustion is crippling me. If I could crawl in a hole to sleep for six months, I probably would.

    Sudden death is a huge trauma I'm seeing. Anyone else struggling with this, or did struggle?