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    My husband died in October, we are still waiting for a final cause of death. He was a known abuser of opioids, and had an accident overdose on muscle relaxers in 2017. He had been abusing Xanax that I know of as of late, and we had a fight about it on Saturday morning. I took myself and our then 7 year old son to my parents for the weekend. He was found in a motel on Tuesday morning, dead in a sleeping position, as if he had gone to bed and just died in his sleep. There was nothing in the room, but there was cash in his wallet and he NEVER carried cash. I assume he bought something off the street. He died while we were fighting. I don't know if the final cause of death will bring me any closure. I've been told it could take months for the final cause of death. I just don't know what to do with all my "what if"s.
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    Sorry to hear about your husband. My mother died suddenly in May and we debated whether or not we wanted the coroner’s report. Some people think having it will comfort them. Others feel that knowing won’t change anything. This is obviously a personal decision. I hope whatever answer you get will bring you some peace.
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    I, personally, wanted to know. My husband died in a tragic auto accident Jan. 18th 2016. Everyone that worked with him that day said he wasn't drinking. His BAC was .26... As much as it made me angry, it also helped it make sense. I hope you find peace whatever your decision!
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    I'm still awaiting my fiance's toxicology report. I want his more for the police to go after whoever is selling dirty heroin to people . I hope you found comfort :) sending love
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    I finally did get the results after 6 months. Telephone call at this point bc the written report is not finished. The backlog at the medical examiner office is huge. Cause of death was ruled suicide by oxycontin and Lyrica overdose. He had filled a prescription for oxy the day before he was found in the hotel. I didn’t know he was on oxy again. The neurologist he went to is part of a large practice that has an in house pharmacy.
    As far as what it did for me, it was like he died all over again. It had been so long thar I had convinced myself that maybe he didn’t kill himself after all. But he did. I’m glad I know the truth but it’s hard at the same time. Lots of mixed emotions. But I’m coming to terms with the ideas that he was very determined to do what he did and there was nothing that I could do to stop it.
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    I am so sorry that your grief is becoming even more complicated. Whether accidental or on purpose, we really can't help an addict it has to come from them. I beat myself up over not being able to help my son. So very sorry for your loss.
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    I’m so deeply sorry for your loss. I understand the pain and hurt that your experiencing. If you ever wanna talk I’m here for you!
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    I'm glad you got some peace and can move forward. I for the most part know what to expect in his toxicology report I mostly want it so that the police can move forward.