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  1. skies24

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    I think something like messenger would be great for this site. Like whoever is active at the moment could chat like Facebook. Doesn’t matter who your list was just mattered to have someone to connect to when you really need to talk. Example: right now it would help so much to be able to live chat with someone. It might be impossible but I’m just bringing it up. I know there is a chat room but I think an overall messenger would be great. I think users would be willing to pay.
  2. paul tinker

    paul tinker Well-Known Member

    Interesting point
  3. griefic

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    Hi skies24 - when you click on "Make a Connection" and "See and Share Stories" you'll see who is active and visiting the site at the moment. You can reach out to those individuals or check the chat room to see if they're visiting. There is a cost for the chat room so that may mean that not everyone visiting is in the room but there should always be someone there to connect with. Thank you for the ideas and suggestion! We're glad to have you here and hope it can be a help to you~