She may have been a dog, but she was the best friend I ever had.

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    Her name was Sophie. I had her since Christmas of 2005 and she was the one thing I was living for. I got bullied a lot and for most of my life she was my only friend. I've been to plenty of therapists for my mental problems, but she was the only thing that calmed me down. She was always there for me. Even if my own family wasn't.

    I came home from an after church activity and she was acting funny. I thought it was because she was old and probably didn't feel too good. She had those moments every now and then, but it only ever lasted for a couple of minutes. About an hour later, she threw up. That was when I realized something was really wrong. She NEVER throws up. I had the feeling that it might be her time, so I comforted her and read her one of the stories I wrote. I NEVER let anyone read my stories and my parents were in the room. A few years ago, I wrote a tribute poem for when she passed, so I read it out loud for the first time to her. I'm glad I did, because five minutes later she was gone. I tried to give her CPR and rescue breaths (I'm into veterinary medicine and I knew how to properly do that on a dog) but she was already fading and the was nothing ANYONE could've done. She was in my arms and looking directly into my eyes when she passed.

    To other people, she was a wonderful and loving pet. To me, she was my baby, my mommy, my guardian angel, my best friend, and the greatest joy I ever had.

    Sophie Loki Houndini Nolan
    October 27, 2005 - August 12, 2018
    Best Friend, Mother, Councilor, and Beloved Pet

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    Sending you much love and healing. I've had to cope with the sudden loss of a pet, and now that I'm coping with the sudden loss of my fiance, I would not survive without my 2 dogs. It's terrible to lose an innocent that depends on you.
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