Recently, my Dear Wife passed away....

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    Hi everyone. My wife passed suddenly on June 5th. She was active and fit. She had radiation years ago for lymphoma. This eventually caused her aortic valve to degenerate. She had multiple strokes and finally succumbed to heart disease. She was my love...partner...soulmate....and mother to our wonderful daughter. She was only 57yo
    I was in a bad snowboarding accident back in 2015. They thought I was dead. I suffered a traumatic brain injury among other things. I was in the hospital and rehab for months. Hers was the first face I remember seeing when I woke up. She visited me EVERYDAY in the hospital and inpatient rehab. I used to look for her out the window and wave goodby out the window when she was leaving. When I finally came hone, she supported me 100% and was my rock and my transportation. Just when I started to turn the corner....God called her home. I really miss her. Thank God for our daughter and the close relationship I have with her mother and brother. I realize that I grieve...but I have to try to live on...for our daughter.

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    I am new to this also. My wife of 35 years passed July 16, 2019. I really don't know what I am supposed to be feeling at this point. I cannot put into words just how empty I feel right now. One minute I think it's getting a little better. The next I find myself in tears. Last evening some friends had me over for dinner (I haven't been leaving the house much) and I thought I made it through the evening o.k. Today while I was looking for something I came across 2 letters my wife had written for me to find after her death. I spent the next two hours in tears and such pain. I can relate to how you feel. I just don't really care if I go on or not. Without her it just seems almost pointless.
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    Mick, finding those letters sounds awful but nice. That must have been terrible to deal with. With my mother - and brother in laws encouragement, I’m trying to move forward. Unlike most folks, I donated a lot of her things. She was big on donation. I’m also eventually going to downsize my house. My wife and I were thinking about it anyway (with my in-laws and daughters blessing). Like my mom in law said...we’ll always have good memories. Nothings going to bring her back. We have to move forward....get rid/donate the “depressing” stuff yet hold on to the few very sentimental items. Don’t get me wrong,...I miss her terribly....especially going through a brain injury to boot.....but I realize that I must move on. She would have wanted it this way.