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    I have been on anti- depressant
    for a while. The meds help. I ran
    out and did not put in for a re-
    order. That was about a week
    and a half ago. I am back to be-
    ing quite sad and I do not care.

    It is not that I can not afford
    them, just that I loved my wife
    very much and would rather
    really mourn her loss as I know
    there will be a day when I will
    not feel about her as I do now
    and though that day is probably
    quite a long way off, a small leak
    can sink a boat.

    Other things in life have worked
    out well but the fact is I'd much
    rather be back to life as I so knew
    it. The civil war hobby Sofia so
    loved and for the short time I was
    in it, I loved it too.

    I really don't know what is in my
    future and sometimes think I'd
    like to ' love again' but also ? As
    to whether it would be worth it.
    I do not know where I am on this
    Long rocky winding road that is
    always going up-hill. It really is a
    matter of ' a day at a time.'
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