On Sept 7th 2018, I lost my Soulmate.

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    Lost my husband last October 15th 2017. Still very very hard
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    So, so sorry. I know I will be still hurting in a year. I have all the holidays and reminders to face. This time of year will be the hardest. I hope each year for you will get easier. Prayers.
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    Lost mine December 2 2018 . His birthday is the 16 Christmas is the 25 . New Years the 31 is our 14 anniversary together . I’ll pray for you !
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    Thank you
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    So sorry for your loss. It is very hard to lose a soulmate. My wife and I had a great marriage and we would do anything for each other. She would tell me "I cant believe it, but I love you more today than I did yesterday" And I felt the same way. I felt blessed to have a love that got stronger as time went on, so when you said soulmate, I know what you mean for sure. Wishing you the best and dont be too hard on yourself for feeling down at times. It takes time.
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    Thank you, Sorry for your loss too. You hit that nail on the head, I am hard on myself but it's so hard not to be. I beat myself up alot, just by going over the what if or wishing I would have said I love you more and so on. My life is forever changed and I hate it!! I think you only get one Soulmate in this life, now what?? Thank you for your thoughts.
  8. Mike Anderson

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    So sorry to read this I lost my everything its only been a month and it changes . Day to day I will say my love for her grows but so does the sadness because of how much I miss her. I will keep you in my thoughts and pray for all of us in here.
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    I think finding that special person and sharing your life with them forms a bond between you two that is so strong and close that when our soulmates pass away we are left with a wound that is like an actual physical tearing away. It’s a big wound. My husband passed away seven weeks ago and my wound keeps tearing open. I’m sure yours is too. One thing someone told me has helped. Like you, I wished I’d said more love you’s, hugged more, just told him more often how much he meant to me. My friend who also lost her husband, told me everyone has those regrets. And to use those regrets to change how we are with people from now on. It’s a way to honor the wonderful person we’ve lost. That helped me a little. I hope it helps you too.
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    Yes I expierience those feelings wish I would have at times expressed my love for her more openly. I am sorry for the loss as this is a total night mare. My wife is my whole world and I continue to love her as much if not more these days .
    God bless all
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  12. Hey I'm sorry for your loss.. I just lost my fiance on Valentine's day and our relationship was long distance and I keep beating myself up about not being there you think that you will have time,but now I realize time is so precious I know that was my soulmate its like now what I'm so lost...
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    I just lost my husband who was best friend of 23 years!! Its been 5 mths. and there are good days and bad days! I try to remember all the good times and love we had instead of the loss. Its very hard because as a widow( thats such a awful word) you have to learn who you are without your other half! Its a hurt that hurts your heart!!! Maybe with time it will get better!
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    I am so sorry for your loss! I too lost my soul mate, 4 months ago and getting through the holidays was extremely difficult. We knew each other all our lives and married for 34 years We did everything together and I'm having a hard time with all this. My small group of friends try to be understanding but they don't know what to say and they just don't get it. Trying to be strong for my two older children because after all, they lost their dad
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    Sometimes I think I'm ok and then all of sudden I get panic attacts, like just start saying what am I'm going to do with this life I have left? Why? I just feel so alone and think I don't want to go thru this again but being alone is so darn exhausting too! I still have so much grieving left inside me. I just miss him so much...
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    I lost my 47 yr old soulmate 2 months ago, we’ve been married for 25 years & were empty nesting so we spent nearly every non working minute together. He loved me dearly & is one in 10 million to me, I thanked God everyday for giving me such an amazing husband. I do not want to do life without him but I wasn’t given a choice. I try to remind myself what he would want for me & I try to focus on those things.
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    Thank you, I'm trying to focus on that also. But some days I still just say, I can't believe he's gone..I know he would not want me to stop living a happy life and to go on..I really am fighting to move on ,it's so hard sometimes that I wear myself out trying.
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