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    Are you wondering what a grief coach is, or how grief coaching could be a help to you?
    I've been in the field of grief and loss for almost 20 years, and in that time I have worked with countless grievers...each with different losses, backgrounds, concerns, issues and fears. And through that time if there's one thing I've always known is that the one thing a griever wants is something I can't ever give them:
    their loved one and their old life back.
    The gravity of this is both discouraging and liberating, and in many ways I think it may be one of the most important places to start when looking at life where it stands now, and where to go from here.
    Grief coaching is not just about loss, and it's not just about grief. It's about life and all that it brings, the stress and the and family, and trying to manage the day-to-day routine, all when you feel like you're running on empty and you have nothing left to give.
    It's about encouragement and motivation, someone to talk to, someone to confide in, someone to be with you every step of the way.
    Are you struggling to make decisions? Are you exhausted and overwhelmed? Are there days where you feel like you're barely keeping your head above water?
    Perhaps a little help, some guidance, encouragement and understanding is just what you need.
    Want to know more? Sign up for a FREE 15 minute consult. It will give us a chance to talk, meet, and connect and to see if this may be right for you.
    You have nothing to lose.
    Email me at:
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