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    I lost my wife of 29 yrs at the end of July-she had been sick with pulmonary hypertension for yrs-last 5 very tough on her and last 2 absolutely miserable. I'm functioning-but I'm having a really tough time-I've lost people close to me before, but nothing like this. I have NEVER cried every day about anything till now-I can feel myself getting a little better, but I miss her terribly. And that's probably the worst part-life has to go on without them.
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    My name is Jim, and it appears that we are on a similar course as I lost my wife of 30 years on 3 August after a 5 year battle with Ocular Melanoma (Eye Cancer), we have been friends for 36 years and I am also finding it difficult to function, focus or conceive of my life and future without my best friend, life partner and soul mate. I also do not know how or why I want to go on without My Honey. Life for me has lost most of its purpose and all of the color of life has changed to gray, black and white. Jim
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    my sympathies to you buddy-hang in there-stay busy-only thing keeping me sane
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    My name is Bob. I lost my wife Aug 7th. On may 4th was in hospital for pneumonia , got out 6 days latter. 4 days later sent back for mini stroke and then they found lung cancer. Started chemo, had 2 treatments and then back in hospital where she passed. It is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. Together 38 years and she was everything to me. I miss her so much and my heart aches and I am in so much pain. I'm tired of people saying it will get better. It's getting worse everyday. I'm thinking about going to a medium to see if I can hear from her.
  5. Donald

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    so sorry buddy-I think we can all relate to your(our) pain-I do believe in psychic ability but the majority of psychics out there are just out to steal your money-be aware
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    Thanks Donald. I will be careful and I'll let you know if it worked
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    I know how you feel because I lost my husband 7 months ago from kidney cancer and the tremendous pain you are experiencing. Before you see a physic, please seek God and he will carry you through these difficult times. Know that you will see your wife again and she would not want you to suffer. As much as you did not want her to go, she is in heaven where there is no more pain or suffering. I will be praying for you and wait to hear about your testimony about God.
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    I do believe in God and go to Mass every week and pray the rosary and pray to Jesus. I just need to know she is ok and at peace. this is the hardest thing I've ever gone through and I hurt so much.
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    I feel and understand the pain I lost my husband of 26 years on May 17,2016 I don't think it gets better in time I think it gets different we learn to live with the pain and hopefully are able to find some peace in that we can go through life with them forever in our hearts of course we don't want to go on without them we did not ask for this but somehow everyday we get up and face another day I try to remember his love and how he would not want me with him before my time, as much as this hurts I would not trade this pain because this pain is our love a love some will never know I was blessed to of had him in my life even if it was not long enough,if I was not feeling this pain I would have never of known him and that I can't imagine while it hurts beyond words and there are days I want to scream I Don't want this anymore I am thankful to of had him in my life
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    Bob my heart goes out to you. Just loss my precious husband of 40 years he was my life. I practical grew up with him I was 18 and he was 27 when we married but we were definitely joined together by God. never regretted a day of it. He was such an amazing man I'm totally devastated without him. How does one ever become sane again our lives were wrapped around each other. Sounds like you guys were the same way. My husband had Rental cell carcinoma. The pain & suffering he went through grieves my heart so bad. I feel like you do. It seems to be getting worse. I guess it's the longing to see him or touch him or hear him but we've got to beat this thing I know my husband wouldn't want me grieving like this. Just as I'm sure your wife wouldn't want this for you. Loved seeing the great many years you all had together. God bless you as we arrive together my friend.
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    Bob the word arrive was supposed to be grieve sorry just a typo.
  12. I have had several things happen and believe they were put before me through God
    To let me know my husband is okay and these messages has left me with a feeling of his spirit being near me,
    The second one happened this afternoon. I thank God for both of them. My husband and I were married 61 years, there has
    not been a day or night go by without crying my heart out, as I also did before his passing, the advanced stage of Parkinson's was of many long years and horrible suffering for him. I know we will be together someday, I keep praying for Jesus to carry me through each remaining day of my life, HE IS MY STRENGTH TO HELP ME GET THROUGH EACH DAY.
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    Hi Donald, I lost my husband of 28 years of marriage had having grown up with him before hand. I spent the first 9 months crying every day and I still cry at least once a week. I know they say life goes on and I know it does I just have not figured out how to go on without my husband its been a real struggle. I quit my job of 15 years and have just recently started looking for a job that had nothing to do with our previous occupation.
    I will tell you though that I found that when I was able to bring Rich up in a conversation not something to do with this death but just a comment or something it helped it made me feel like I didn't have to forget him completely. The first 6 months I would not talk about him at all.
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    I've also lost my beautiful wife of almost 30 years. It's been 5 months of tears and confusion, a literal hell.
  16. Michael beck

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  17. Michael beck

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    I too lost my windy on July 17..
    I am so lost in many ways..
    Its gottan little better but I can't help but wondering how she is and if ahes amount family..
    I sis consult two mediuns. To help ease my mind.
    I found two good ones that gave me pretty the answers I was looking for..
    But in many ways it has brought up more questions for me but they did ease my worries on certaun other questions..
    Be cautious but keep an open mind.
    God bless. And i am so sorry for your loss
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