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My sweet sweet boy

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by Svreda, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Svreda

    Svreda Member

    My son Alessandro 31 was killed violently on October 11 th, last month, he was shot while working in his office, I feel like a died with him. He was my baby, he was generous, gentle, giving, he had a heart of gold. I am broken hearted, totally unable to accept and see my life without him. I try to keep it together for my other 2 boys and my is so hard. My mom also is having a difficult time however I can not deal with her pain now because mine is so raw. Alessandro was so present in all our lives, family meant everything to him and now we all miss so much that at times even taken a breath is painful. My heart aches, I can feel the pain physically. I feel split in two, one that is trying to cope, the other whose every body cell is aching and missing my sweet, sweet boy.
  2. Brian'sMomma

    Brian'sMomma Guest

    Oh my goodness, my dear friend! My beautiful Sun is gone as well, its been 22 months and my soul has been ripped from my body. Brian is my everything, I do feel your pain. Please tell me about your beautiful son and how you are getting on