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    First pregnancy and Pregnant with twins. I couldnt have been happier. A boy and a girl, a perfect world. I was beyond thrilled and was having the best pregnancy and enjoyed everything about it. I loved being pregnant! At 7 months names were picked out, cribs set up, clothes folded and put away nicely in each of their dressers. I was excited and ready. Couldnt wait to meet my two angels. On Oct 14th 2015 i had a regular scheduled sonogram apt, and at this point i was going every cple of weeks. I was 33 weeks along (c section was scheduled for 37 weeks.) The tech started the normal sonogram stuff, then suddenly excused herself for a moment and when she returned she put her hand on mine and told me my baby girl had no heartbeat. It was like a wave crashed down on me w no warning. I was in disbelief and confused. Ive never felt a pain like that before and i still feel it today. Almost 4 years later and my heart still aches beyond belief. My baby boy Dylan, was born at 37 weeks, healthy and geourgous. He is my little soldier and my soul. It isnt easy tho, i still struggle some days and dont know which way to turn.