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My precious boy

Discussion in 'Loss of Adult Child' started by CHARLOTTE E KERSEY, Aug 26, 2019.



    Hi my name is Charlotte and I am pleased to meet each and everyone of you :)

    On July 25th my son Ryan was
    involved in a 1 car accident for which he was a miracle to even make it to the ER room - it was about 9.30pm that night and he responded to my text message with "call me please" and that was the call, he had been missing for hours , the very nice police officer calmed me down but insisted I get there as fast as I can - My baby boy was critical, he had injuries all over- every major organ was damaged ,the extent was horrific but he was alive and was in a medically induced coma for surgery
    purposes- he went thru 2 life saving surgeries with plans on more as he had so many injuries - the Drs were hopeful as he was doing so well even thou he was ICU CRITICAL ........ We were there everyday and night , his biological Dad Thomas rushed from the UK to be with his Son- We came home Saturday the 27th and took a breather as we knew he was scheduled for a Basket insert in the AM to catch any clots escaping from his shattered Pelvis ------- I got the call at 1.25am 07/28/2019 stating that his respiratory was really bad he went from 25% oxygen to 100% and he was slowly passing - I called everyone to go, the whole family was at the hospital- my baby coded and left my arms for the last time @ 3.27am - I was in the room for the final attempts to save his precious life.

    He was my only Son, my world, my everything, I miss him so much.
  2. JJ Flowers

    JJ Flowers Member

    Dear Charlotte:

    Omg. I am so sorry. I feel your broken heart. Please write me if you want to talk. I have experience. I will be here. Tell me what is going on right now. jaejflowers@gmail.com