My partners gone.

Discussion in 'Coping After a Sudden Loss' started by Pete/Shell, Jul 16, 2020.

  1. Pete/Shell

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    In April this year I rushed home from work,to find my partner collapsed on the floor. I tries CPR but failed. The ambulance came and took her away, I never saw or spoke to her again. 3 months on I get through life,just, I have no real family to support me. Will.I ever fill this great chasim that has appeared in my life.
  2. EadamK

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    My fiance died suddenly on a Sunday drive three weeks ago. I know what it is like to have you life ripped apart in an instant. now she sits in an urn on m dresser and I pray over her. all the dreams and plans are gone. if you want to reach out please do
  3. darren1234

    darren1234 Member

    so sorry, i lost my wife 9 days ago. still in the middle of hell
  4. Pete/Shell

    Pete/Shell New Member

    Thank you for the reply,grateful for your interest. No words really console us,but we have to be as brave as we can
  5. Pete/Shell

    Pete/Shell New Member

    Hello, so sorry for your loss,and I can truly understand how you must be feeling. I can offer words of comfort, but they wont relplace what has been lost. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  6. skies24

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    These are lonely, shitty times. Those first few months are torture. The replays of conversations. The hoping she knew how much I loved her. The wishing people would stop asking how we are cause they don’t want to know how you are. They want to hear you say you are okay which is furthest from the truth. I’m glad you found this site. It will help you thru. It will be 6 months for mine person on Wednesday. It’s a damn roller coaster. But I’m starting to laugh a little. You will find your path in this awful journey.
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  7. Pete/Shell

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    Thank you so much,I think people do just not understand, my life has kind of come to a stop,I know they have a lost a loved one. I have lost my reason to live, I need help ,I reach out but ,there is no one there . They now have their own lives to live.
  8. M-J

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    Im so sorry for your loss. I lost my partner suddenly about 2 weeks ago, I can definitely relate to feeling like your life has cone to a stsnd still. My thoughts are with you
  9. Mothernature

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    I lost my soulmate in April also. He called off work because he wasn't feeling well. Our oldest had been exposed to Covid at work prior to this, so we thought my husband might be getting sick also. 2 hours later he dies instantly from a massive heart attack on the couch in front of me and our kids. He was just sitting there drinking coffee and watching TV...I had just told him I loved him and checked his forehead and kissed him while hugging him 10 minutes before. I know the pain you're going through, the withdrawals from my love have been horrific. I am here to share if you want to talk.
  10. Mothernature

    Mothernature Member

    This is so true, the guilt over nothing. I knew he knew how much I loved him, I had 30 years to show him, and somehow I felt like it wasn't enough...
  11. Sweetcole

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    I'm sorry for your loss. one of the hurtful things in a grief situation is that part of you is gone so things are at a stand still. Everybody around is busy cause their lives still going on. I pray for you to have strength to get through this. People say time heals you I think it just makes you stronger to deal with it. I lost my fiancee 4 months ago. I miss him everyday. Our small kids are my motivation to keep it together. You can reach out anytime.