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    My mom shot her self in the head 2 months ago. She had pancreatic cancer stage 4. She was stubborn and didnt want the meds or help in any way. She had no chemo or surgery. I went to visit her after she got our of the hospital. She acted strange. Told me I couldn't stay at her house. I was the baby and her best friend. Two days later she didnt answer her phone. I went over and I found her with the gun in her hand. She was dead on the couch. I looked just briefly at her face and walked out to call 911. She was 69. I lost my husband to cancer just 3 years earlier. It has been extremely difficult. I am engaged and he is distant and not helping. To top it off I have a 18 year old son who is having his own issues. I'm only 38. This all it to overwhelming. Just need someone to talk to.