My baby sister was a victim of domestic violence murder

Discussion in 'Loss of Loved One to Violence/Murder' started by Bryan1987, Feb 7, 2020.

  1. Bryan1987

    Bryan1987 New Member

    my sister was taken from me on June 3rd 2019 and between that and the trial im all torn up
  2. David Hughes

    David Hughes Well-Known Member


    So sorry you have to go through this ordeal. To relive it slowly through a trial is such a horrible thing. Sometimes life is so unfair. How we cope and move forward can be enormously hard.

    I hope you are with your family, and have other people to support you. If you have a chance to seek a professional and can do that it would help a lot.

    Please just take all the time you need to heal inside and never surrender to yourself. Though you have lost a large part of your life, you still have so much more to give to this world.

    May you find peace tonight and start to heal from this tragic loss.