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Moving on and feeling guilty

Discussion in 'Dating Again After the Loss of a Spouse/Partner' started by Missingbeau, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Missingbeau

    Missingbeau New Member

    I lost my Best Froend and love of my life in Aug if 2019 . I took a year too grieve initially that lasted beyond that . I traveled a bit and a couple months ago I met someone. I live in Massachusetts he lives in California. I had not been dating or looking to date. We have been communicating everyday since we met on a trip we were both on and plan to see each other again soon. It’s refreshing. But WHY do I feel so guilty????? I’m 46 years old and have never been married.
  2. elliedog

    elliedog New Member

    I am sorry for your loss. We have common circumstances. I also lost the love of my life in Aug 2019. We were married 32ys. I too grieved for a year. I started dating someone new and struggling with issues of guilt and trust. I think we both share a positive thing in that we recognized our feelings and are asking questions
  3. Missingbeau

    Missingbeau New Member

    Sorry for you loss as well!!! 32 years is a lifetime I can imagine you having those feelings. You deserve happiness! I feel like I took my time to grieve where I wouldn’t even consider dating. I know he loved me and would want me to be happy that’s what I keep telling myself. Also he was Wonderful too me so I’m making sure to choose someone that will respect me in the same manner. This is what I feel he would want for me also! Best of luck to you try to think of a future if happiness. We still have some life to life. And you will most certainly ALWAYS love him. Loving Again won’t discount that !