more than 3 years...still lost

Discussion in 'LGBT Loss' started by pavika, Mar 14, 2020.

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    You’re already getting there by using this site to vent. If you feel like venting here, go ahead and vent, and don’t worry about the tears. My grief counselor Joanie gave me a saying by
    Voltaire “ tears are the silent language of grief “. Another Hospice counselor told me “don’t worry about tears, she’s earned them. Keep on venting of it makes you feel better. We’ve all been there, and we’re ready to support you.
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    This quarantine sucks! If she were here we would have made it fun. Instead we are trapped in our own thoughts. Reliving every moment. Looking forward to peace for both you and me. Shitty times!!!
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    I thought I could handle it. I was wrong. Today hit me hard. I drank almost a bottle and and I am tipsy. In a way, it makes it easier to handle the pain because I cannot concentrate on anything. My world is spinning and the pain is manageable.
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    I’m sorry..I wish there was something I could say to make the pain stop. I go back n forth with my drinking. I get it. These times are the worst!!
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    And being stuck in the house during this virus makes it even more difficult. It’s almost 1pm here and just being stuck here alone just sucks. I miss her every second of every day.