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    I am missing my son SOOOO much lately & I'm putting it to the anniversary of his death next week~~and/or the Holidays coming up or both. I just want to text him and get his 1 word answer. Then draaag more information from him and finally figure on a time to pick his butt up for lunch or dinner. He was not 1 to give too much information I could use for the day. How I would LOVE to have our 1 sided conversations with him again. THENNN, to have him say later on that "I never said that time".
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    PaulsMom- thanks for being here and sharing your story of loss. Amazing how much we can miss the "little things". Those things that made our loved one so uniquely them. Certainly the approaching anniversary can make a tough time harder, and the holidays are something I think most grievers find they dread more than anticipate. I'm glad you've found us in time and I hope the site can be a help and support to you in the weeks and months ahead. Please let me know if you have any questions about the site or if there is anything we can do to help. And please, take care....
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    Thanks for your reply & support ❣