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    My name Is Carla ,on March 2016 my life came to a screeching halt ,when my fiance of 10 years got killed in a hit and run .He was on his bike and got hit and was left for dead ..now I am lost depressed and feel like I have nobody or nothing left ..so tired of crying and missing him ..he was my world and how to move on without him I don't know ..I have trapped myself in my room away from everyone and I cry all the time
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    Hi Carla, Thank you for being here and for reaching out for help. Having your life come to a "screeching halt" is such an apt way to describe the experience of loss. In one moment everything changes. Change that you never wanted, and change that you had no time to prepare for. While finding some support from family and friends can be very helpful, many grievers say they feel especially isolated with those they have known for years as they feel like a different person, and they feel that no one can possibly understand what they are going through.
    I believe there are people here who understand.
    We are a new site and we are growing so quickly - every day there are more people here who have had a loss and I know here you can make a connection with those who can offer you support. Use this site as your outlet.
    To know more about what's available, take your time and learn more about what is here. Go to "Getting Started" for an overview. To search for others to connect with directly you can go to "Make a Connection" and then "Find Others Who are Grieving". There is search criteria there that will help you find not only those who are grieving, but those grieving a loss similar to your own. In all my time working with those who have had a loss, I find one of the most important things for a griever is to speak to someone whose situation is most similar to their own. That's where Grief in Common comes in and I truly hope it can be a help to you. Don't hesitate to message me if you have questions. Please take care...
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    Though not exactly the same, I lost my love after more than 8 years together. We were not married, not living together, but were committed for life, just needing to reach the right time to combine our lives. Last Christmas was the first we'd spend together. Long story short, he died in the wee hours of Christmas during a heart cath procedure from a massive heart attack. Though on the outside my life may appear to have returned to 'normal', I am capable of tears when ever I allow them. It's as if my future, laid out clearly on a whiteboard, was erased and remains blank. I have no idea what the rest of my life look like.
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    Carla, what a loss. I hope you have people who understand the impact this has had on your life? Did you share common friends to grieve with? Talking on this site will help, I am of the firm belief that all processing you can do will help. My closest friend, my next door neighbor died in July. In the hundreds of photos there were of her there were none of the two of us. We lived side by side for 12 years and documented eachother but never both of us. I miss her so much. I'm glad you are here, I just joined right now. MK
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    I am 18 years old, i have had a rough life.. i am a single mom to a beautiful son, named Malachi. Cody was my Ex and my bestfriend. He was coming home from a party late one night at about 2:00 am. I had my phone turned off cause Malachi Can't sleep.. He was Drunk and hit by the train.. Malachi was left without a dad, and i was left without the love of my life.
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    I'm so sorry for your loss, it's so hard to go on after you lose a loved one. I just suddenly lost my loving husband to a cardiac 10 days ago. We were married 24 years. I hope they find who did this terrible thing. May God bring you comfort as you mourn. Don't try to keep it in. I still feel like my world has completely stopped.
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  8. Tara Wehry

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    May God in his love help you
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    Sweet Heaven, that is horrible, and on Christmas to boot I simply can't fathom your pain. Having it happen on a holiday. I know I just lost my loving husband to cardiac arrest v about a week and a half ago? There's not a day tha goes by that goes by that I don't shed tears for him. My world feels like it will never be the same, and of course it won't may God"s undying love help you find the courage to go on
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    Thank you so much, day by day, I am slowly trying to heal. I jus didn't want him to grow without a dad