Lost the love of my life a month ago

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    Her name was Jessica Binion. I loved her with all my heart and soul. We connected on so many levels. She was a lot younger than me but taught me so much about myself. We were only together a little over a year. We knew each other a year before. Both of us have always been a bit on the wild side. The first night we got together we did some ketamine and orange sunshine lsd. We really felt a strong connection and that was pretty much the beginning of our love life. I had previously had a long on and off addiction with cocaine. About 3 months into our relationship she wanted to know about and share everything that I had experienced. I was a little hesitant at first, but finally decided why not. We had quite a few great together and when the Covid situation started the shut down, the cocaine supply had pretty much dwindled down to non existent. So, we decided to quit since the quality was weak and cost wasn’t worth it. She was a much heavier drinker then myself. One day, she was drinking and got upset and had a friend pick her up. That “friend”brought her to a mental hospital on July 4th and I had no idea what happened to her until the 9th when she contacted me after getting released. I had started doing coke again during that time as I turned to it to escape my sadness. That didn’t really work. She had also decided she wanted to do some after getting back. So we continued trying to get some every now and then but once again found weak stuff. Feeling disappointed, we kept trying to find something good every now and then. Then on Sept. 8th we got something that wasn’t normal but we didn’t put together what was wrong. It turned out to be fetynol. She did some Sept 9th sometime before we went to bed. I didn’t do any, I didn’t know she had some put back for herself. I woke up the next morning after going to bed around 2:30-3 about our normal time for bed. Everything seemed to be fine with her, although she feel asleep before me which was a little unusual. I woke up and brought her some water. That’s when I found her unresponsive and cold to the touch. I tried waking her up and knew she wasn’t waking up but I still tried. That’s when I called 911. Its the most horrible thing that has every happened. I am completely lost without her. Every moment of every day is a struggle. I left the place we were living at together and now I am staying with friends. The two places I have been staying are pretty much wore out at this point. I don’t know where to go or what to do with my life. I do know I never want to touch drugs ever again. I don’t feel like this issomething I’ll ever be able to get over or through. Also, her family is trying to blame me and saying I killed her which is totally not true. This is making the experience even morestressful though. This was the last thing I could have ever imagined happening. I dream about her about once a week. Had a dream last nightwe were sleeping together and talking and thenshe was gone and I could only find her bag. I woke up pretty upset, obviously. I went tochurch for the first time in very many years thismorning and is was alright. I feel completelystuck and lost and empty.
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    I am so sorry for your loss. Today marks 1 month since the love of my life passed away. Im still struggling to cope with the loss. I found him cold and stiff. Everything was normal the night it happened so I thought nothing was wrong. My whole world came crashing apart when I got home from work and saw him there.
    You are in my thoughts....