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Lost spouse due to covid

Discussion in 'Loss to COVID-19' started by Time heals, Oct 4, 2020.

  1. Time heals

    Time heals Member

    As I sit in bed after pondering all day and crying over the loss of my husband the thought of him not coming home, calling me and ha omg that personal hubby and wifey time still baffles me! It’s been only 8 days now since my husband passed from covid. We were together 8 years, married 6. No one understands the deep wrenching pain that I experience on a daily...my days and nights are long as I’m up during the night with constant thoughts of him and what is my life going to be like now that he’s gone. I’m afraid of being alone. I have no one to just reach out and understand how I’m feeling or to talk with without them getting tired of me calling and crying and telling my same story over again. He was my life. Not sure what interest me because he was my interest. How do I pick up and start life, where do I begin???
  2. Berta

    Berta New Member

    I'm so sorry to read this. All I can tell you is what I'm telling myself right now, just take it one minute at a time. In time, you'll know what to do. Be gentle with yourself.
  3. Kar

    Kar Member

    Its just awful...No one understands because no one is you...I love my family and friends but right now I choose to just be...Im tired of the usual comments everyone makes because they don't know what to say....and honestly I don't want them to alone with my thoughts trying to separate the memories of both amazing husbands...hubby one 2007 and number 2 just 42 days....Walter & Mike 2 amazing men how blessed I was... Its just torture both so young ..Im not sure but Im hoping they are together and missing me just a bit....my granddaughter says they are having chocolate milk ! I pray she's right..
  4. Kar

    Kar Member

    Im so sorry...Neither passed from COVID I didn't pay attention to title of Post
    my first husband died of pancreatic cancer and Mike got a fungus he was supposed to have surgery, rehab and come home...The Doctors messed up..didn't do what they were supposed to the fungus spread like cancer .....Surgery July 4 th gone September 8 th Just can't believe it. Im so so sorry of your losses.
  5. YankeeScot

    YankeeScot New Member

    Hi, just read your post. I lost my dear husband of 29 years to COVID19 on June 23, 2020. I was wondering how you are doing?