Lost one daughter, another is using...

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    I lost my 39 year old daughter to a heroin overdose (laced with fentanyl) on 6/26/17. Since then, my 28 year old daughter spent 5 months in jail for failing a drug test - she is addicted to heroin - got out, stayed out for 1 month, and is now back in after failing another drug test because of heroin. I don't understand how she can even consider using after seeing her sister die, and knowing that her next dose can be her last, and I don't know what to say to her to get her to come to her senses and get into recovery. I'm glad she is back in jail - at least I know she's safe. I still am grieving the loss of my eldest, and this news has just thrown my life into turmoil (and that of my husband and middle daughter, who thankfully is not a drug user). I know all about not enabling this "child". What I want to know is, what can I say/do that will somehow bring her to her senses? I can't stand to lose another daughter.

    Thanks for listening.
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    My story mirrors yours. I lost my oldest son 3 years ago tonight, 10-12-15, from heroin/fentanyl. He was 29. My younger son and only remaining child is currently in jail, about to go to yet another treatment center for heroin. I'm not even me anymore... just a fearful mess waiting for THAT call. Today was just awful. No one remembered the anniversary of my Matt's death and I needed someone to. Sorry if my thoughts sound all scrambled... they are.
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    You remembered Matt - that's what is important. I am so sorry that we are both members of this club. My Sarah gets out of her first rehab stint late this month and I am praying that what she is hearing there is sinking in, that she is absorbing the tools she will need so they are there when the time comes that she needs them. I pray for her nightly about that, and I will pray for your son too. Take care of yourself - this is so hard and we need to be gentle with ourselves.
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    I am so deeply sorry for your loss.
    Your story is so close to mine I wanted to respond. I lost my oldest son, 25 to heroin overdose in June 2015, and my youngest son 23 at the time his brother died, continued to use. I thought I would go insane from worry that I was going to bury my other child. I wish I could give you a magic answer as to your younger daughter, but I can't, I'm sorry.
    My son is now sober, 2 years in January but it was court appointed. His choices were get into drug court or go to prison. While I am proud of the progress he has made I worry he will go back after hes done with the program.
    As family members of addicts we have to find and live our own " one day at a time" . The constant worry, while trying to grieve was driving me mad. Now I live with " no news is good news" .
    I feel I never really got to grieve my son because as soon as the funeral was over my focus was on my other son. And my husband, who took the death very hard.
    3 1/2 years later I'm finding that I'm not moving forward. I feel stuck. I have built a tall thick emotional wall because...... love hurts.
    I wish for you peace and comfort.
    (((( hugs))))
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    So sad for both of you. The loss of my son is very fresh and I am thankful my daughter does not do drugs. I am fearful my husband will drink, he has been sober for 3 months but that is not very long and he is struggling. Addiction is just so exhausting and painful.
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    good morning.. I also lost my child to addiction. Erin was just 20 yrs old. Aug 23 will be 2 yrs without her and I'm still a mess. the loss has destroyed me that ive looked into an actual grief support group in my area. ive experienced loss/ death before. a significant, my dad , grandparents many friends but never like this. I'm forever heartbroken.