Lost my soulmate

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    He was my knight in shining armor we met in 1985. When I was being abused by my first husband. He saved us me and my children. He raised my children two grandchildren and had temporary custody of our great grandson. He was sick for awhile but had to have surgery for a aortic anyersuum he made it through the surgery but without his meds he slowly filled up with fluid and had to be put on dialysis and.a ventilator and passed away. Alone because no one allowed in cause of Covid.
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    Im very sorry for your loss, it sounds like you lost a great hearted guy. I lost my beautiful wife 10 days ago. Im still in shock, she was only 46 but had ongoing health problems for several years now. She also had heart issues which may have contributed to her sudden passing. I am still taking it hour by hour, trying to stay busy. I fell apart when the EMT told me they had 'called it' I refused to believe them. I argued with them. There are a lot of good people sharing their loss on this site, and I read their stories. I realize Im not the only one who has lost my wife, its like losing half of myself. Theres a huge hole in my life every hour of the day. Again, dont hesitate to reply, Im isolated right now too and reaching out online helps keep me from losing my mind sometimes.
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