Lost my son to an accident at age 21

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    I'm from Ontario, Canada. New to this site and new ( June 16/19) to living without my 21 year old son. He died by drowning after a night out with friends. I have a son and a daughter left and my wife. I'm still in shock? Disbelief? I'm angry. I will accept any advice at all. Thank you!
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  3. Kevin1967

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    Thanks everybody! I'll do it alone!
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    This is a very bad time for
    you and tho there is a totally
    different relationship than
    to a wife, there is a very large
    amount of heartbreak.

    The plans you had to do father
    and son projects or house things
    or maybe sports. Either way it
    Is going to hurt for some time

    Grieving is a stage where we
    lose a loved one, we know that
    but grieving can not be short
    circuited or by-passed. When
    there is a heart felt loss, it must
    be taken care of by talking to
    others at grief support meetings,
    talking to someone in the church.
    Left alone with no means of
    expressing deep sadness is NOT
    going to help.

    There could be a lot of anger
    built up and it leaks into
    other parts of our life. It did
    with me. I was and maybe to
    a lesser extent still angry
    about things and it is simply
    going to take time to work
    out and yeah mood swings.
    Best thing to do is find a group

    to join.