Lost my son on November 22, 2019

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    I lost my oldest son, age 30, 11 weeks ago It was a freak accident and shouldn't have happened He drove a tractor & trailer for a living. He was unloading in a field & the electric line was on the trailer & he didn't know it. The line energized the truck & blew a tire. The nurse, along with the paramedic speculate that my son jumped out of truck without touching the steps & the door came back against his shoulder & electrocuted him. He left behind a beautiful wife & 3 beautiful children. It has been so hard trying to deal with the loss. I feel like it's been an eternity since I heard his voice. My husband & I have a very strong marriage and we have been there for each other. We try to help our daughter in law as much as we can but we both work. Being with the grandchildren helps us get through some days. I never ever thought we would have to know what this felt like. It it wasn't for our living son & the grandkids I would just curl up in the bed & never get up.