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    Hi everyone I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kate and I lost my mom suddenly back in January of 2015. She fell off a chair and hit her head had bleeding in her brain and they couldn’t do surgery cause of blood thinners she was on. I was the one who found her and called 911. Toughest day of my life. I’m looking for people to chat with that have been through sudden loss and maybe people who also found their loved one, I hope to get some replies. Thanks and God Bless.
  2. hello kate. I lose my mother today as of writing this. she was gardening yesterday and today gone. she was sick off and on for all of my life that i knew her. she was doing well for her at least. i didn't find her but i overheard it for the cop that was there. i was up stairs by request. i thought it was so i would stay out of the way. I thought it was a EMT talking but i have good hearing. he said the name of the funeral home and my world scattered. it's still scattered even after all the screaming. she was the kindest woman despite to troubles with health. it hurts and i know it's going to. yet, I was her caretaker. i was with her everyday. it's going to be hard getting up and not seeing her face smiling at me. the thumbnail picture is her btw.

    the only sanity saving thought is she is in heaven now. she has no pain or sickness to plauge her. small comfort for the living. i still can't catch me breath. it's really hard to thinking about everything. i loved her as a mother and best friend. she would be the person i would go to for things like this. lord help me . . . help everyone that is dying inside.
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    Hi Leela,

    I’m very sorry for your loss. I know how hard sudden loss is, when they are here and I’m one day and gone the next. I sent you a private message hopefully you’ll get it and we can chat one on one. Please hang in there. Reply when you can I hope to hear back from you soon. GodBless you
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    Hi Kate,
    My mom passed on January 16, 2018. My daughter went to wake my mom up to watch a basketball game with us on January 10 and immediately called me in there yelling that something was wrong. I ran into my mom's bedroom and saw the look of such fear in her eyes. I asked her to speak to me and she couldn't. I told my daughter to call 911 and I yelled for my son to come in from the garage. The ambulance arrived within minutes and they transported my mom to the hospital. I followed in my car with my daughter. We waited while they worked on my mom and about 2 hours later a Doctor came out and told me to come back to his office. He told me that my mom had suffered a major stroke and that he had performed several tests on her and she was unresponsive to all of them. He took us back to her room where she stared at us with such a blank stare. It wasn't my beautiful mother laying there. He took us outside and told us that if it were his mother he'd call in Hospice and take her home. My mom hadn't left any directions so I had to make the decisions I thought she'd want for herself. The next day the ambulance brought her home and Hospice was there with us waiting. She lasted 10 days after we brought her home. I was with her when she passed. For some reason I knew that she was going to die that day. I was holding her hand crying when she passed. I hurt as much (if not more) now as I did that day. I miss her tremendously. I feel such an emptiness that nobody can fill. I just wanna talk to her one more time and tell her all the things I forgot to say when she was alive. I honestly thought I had more time with her. I didn't see her dying so fast. I really want her back but I know she's gone forever. I'm still in a state of disbelief but now the shear sadness has set in and I cry daily. I'm also able to laugh with my daughter at some of antics......but I always cry afterwards. I miss her something fierce.
    I'm so sorry for your loss too. I should of said that at the beginning of my message. I'm sorry. I know finding your mother was traumatic and frightening. I'm so sorry.
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    Hi.... thanks so much for your message and I’m sorry for your loss as well. My moms birthday is tomorrow so that’s a tough day but I’m hanging in there. Feel free to send me a private message if you need to talk
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