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Lost my husband to COVID after 52 years of marriage

Discussion in 'Loss to COVID-19' started by Dorian, Aug 25, 2020.

  1. Dorian

    Dorian New Member

    I was a caretaker for Eldorado for 25 years after his traumatic head injury we had some good years, then 10 years ago he began displaying signs of Parkinsons. In July we were both feeling ill so we checked in to the hospital and we were both admitted with COVID we shared the same hospital room and had a good day together. The next morning he did not wake up, he was in a coma. After the trauma of being pushed to the corner while they tried to revive him he was admitted to ICU and I was sent home. A week later he passed.

    We were together 24/7. I miss him terribly but I am a little relieved also for I sincerely believe he is with Jesus.
    I am feeling numb and unfocused. Processing the grief internally but mourning my great loss nonetheless.
  2. Time heals

    Time heals Member

    Good evening, I’m a new member as well and lost my husband to covid. I can’t imagine 52 years of marriage: this must be incredibly hard!!! I was married 6 years and I’m balling my eyes out. The permanent separation is so heart wrenching. I’m praying for you and your strength to get stronger in Jesus. My husband too is with Jesus