Lost my 'Dainty Dearness'

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  1. Ray G.

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    I still don't believe because
    my heart does not believe
    it and does not want to.

    We married last Jan. 6th and
    had all sorts of nice plans.
    We did do more picnics at s
    park in St. Pete fl. as well as
    the civil war hobby Sofia and
    friends got me into and I
    loved it. Sofia looked so sweet
    in her period clothing.

    Who would have known
    a yr. And 76 days my
    dearness would be taken
    away from me?

    No more a home just a house.
    No more pleasant aroma of
    her great breakfast breads
    or chicken soups and gr8
    grilled ham" n cheese
    san'wiches. No more sitting
    In the the back room watching
    old Jackie Gleason snd the

    I can only thank God that
    we met, fell in love and
    even if for a short time,
    we were very happy.