Lost my beautiful daughter 3/1/2020

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    My heart is broken but I know that you are no longer in pain. I will forever have you in my heart. I love you jasmine

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    I am so Sorry for the Loss of your daughter. I lost my daughter at the age of 26in a car accident. It has been Ten yrs but I still and always will Miss Her. The grief and sadness can be so overwhelming but just know that you can find support here and you aren't Alone. It is a difficult journey but it will Not always be as dark.

    Prayers to you and your family
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    Your daughter Jasmine was beautiful, her smile must have melted so many hearts in life. I am truly sorry for your tremendous loss.

    It will take time to recover from such a tragic loss. Your love for Jasmine shows in your words. As you say she will be with you a lifetime, in your heart, mind and soul. Her memory will live on with you.

    Remembering is a way to bring them back to us in our greatest time of need. Please never feel like shedding tears isn’t natural, it is a way to cope with what we have lost.

    I hope you have family to talk with, or friends to reach out to, and even others who are complete strangers. It allows you to share your deepest sorrow for Jasmine. Just know as time passes, Jasmine will be right there with you in spirit.

    Watch out for despair and feeling hopeless, it is a sign of coming depression. Make sure to take care of yourself, including your feelings, and share what your heart will allow you to talk about.

    Take care.


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