Lost him at 25

Discussion in 'Suicide Loss' started by Jobe, May 3, 2020.

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    Alec- April 2, 1992 to March 2, 2018
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    April 8, 1992 to March 2, 2018
    Oh my gosh, I can't believe I messed that up.
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    That is ok on the date. Grief is such a powerful emotion it can overpower even the strongest among us all. I know it is extremely hard to face his loss, as it was for my two sons and I facing, their mother's loss, my wife Nadine. Sometimes there are no words that we can share with one another. Just the penetrating look into each others yes we all know and can understand, just like you Jobe.

    If you wish to be angry that is normal, yell ok that is fine, throw things, and so many other emotions it is just your sorrow taking hold, that extreme helplessness, the profound loss. Jobe I won't share the losses I have face in life, there are varied and too many, but what I will tell you and others is I am still standing, though heartbroken and feeling so empty at times.

    I have found that by talking with others it makes us feel so much better inside, no matter how hard it always is. Take care.


    Here is one more song for you