Lost a friend December 4th 2019

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    My fiancé opened up a carpentry business and hired a few rough looking kids. One of them ended up homeless so we took him in last May. He has lived with us since until December 4th. He was involved in a single car accident, ran from the cops, fell down a ditch, and broke his neck. He was only 21. He made bad choices but had a good heart. We went to the hospital to see him that night around 9pm. At 920 he was declared brain dead. My heart is destroyed for him. It’s been weird he hasn’t come up to eat or watch TV. I don’t even want to work at this point. I want to sit in a room and not talk to anyone. Can anyone give me advice on what helped them in the beginning? He wasn’t our son but we felt he was.
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    So sorry for the loss. There is no easy answer on how to deal with such grief. For me, it has been 7 mos since my sister who was my best friend passed away and I am still grieving..I don't think that anyone really gets over it but learns to live with such tragedy. I try to take one day at a time and remember all the good times we had together. I also try to keep myself busy. It is especially hard around the holidays. You should take comfort in the fact that you took him in and helped with your kindness and generosity and if it wasn't for you he would have remained homeless. Wishing you the best.