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    For anyone joining us who may have lost a loved one to this horrible disease - we are so very sorry for your loss.
    We recognize the unique nature of your loss and your grieving. While it's all over the news and all anyone can think or talk about, your loss is very real in a way that not everyone being effected by the pandemic will understand.
    To lose someone so suddenly will always make for a challenging loss, and we realize that in the time of coronavirus it may also mean that you weren't able to be with your loved one when they died.
    Challenging too is the fact that funerals and gatherings, and all the ways that we would come together to mourn the person we lost, celebrate their life, and find comfort with family and friends is not possible right now.
    We hope you can find some support and comfort here. Please use this space to cry, vent and share - anything you need at any time - we are here to help.
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    I just would like to thank this site for giving me the outlet to vent I lost my Aimee my Angel 43 to covid-19 March 14 2020. R.I.P. my sweetness. I was unable to see her into the ground. But I did see her to her last day. I blessing im seeing now. I love you forever my angel,my sweetness, my Aimee...I saw her up to her last living day.
    Jonathan & Aimee Always & Forever.
    Thankful to everyone and David who reached out to me helped by day in anyway.

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