loss of single mom as a teen

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    My mom was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer the beginning of my freshman year of high school. My mom was a single mom and I was her only child so my life then started revolving aroundtaklng care of her. In the middle of tenth grade we moved across the country to be closer to her family and hopefully have people to help me take care of her. She ended up passing away beginning of my junior year and I moved back across the country to live with my dad who 1 did not really know him until I was eight, and 2 was only with him every other weekend after that. Him and my mom were never married and he really felt no grief in her loss so I've just felt like an outsider living with him and his wife. He wasn't with me most of my childhood it was just my mom and I so I feel like I've lost my connection to my childhood. I have no one to ask about my 3rd birthday or any stories I halfway remember. I also never got a chance to ask my mom about adulthood and more about her life. I never got to thank her for all she's done for me. I feel so lost without her going into adult hood. Its been almost 2 years without her but its hit me more the past month then the whole two years. I miss her so so much, there's so much I want to tell her. Id love to talk to someone who has lost a parent young, especially if they relate to losing memories of their childhood but I know that's ver specific. -thanks, Eleanor