Loss of my Son

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    On November 22, 2018 I had to make the hard decision to unplug life support on my 29 yr old Son as he had Septis where he got the infection is unknown and went into cardiac arrest he lived in California and I live in Washington State thank God his best friend called me but he was already on ventilator and in a coma when we arrived at hospital never improved and doctors said unlikely he would pull outta it I prayed and stayed by his side till making the hard decision to let him go and it just so happened to be Thanksgiving night and exactly one month before his 30th Birthday I’m beyond disbelief and having a hard time some days are good then others I can’t keep from crying I’m so stressed out, tired and still trying to work full time and dealing with Probate from another state... just wanted to vent thanks for listening...
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    Patty thanks for venting. We share a chunk of these United States. When I married some thirty nine years ago I would never have dreamed I would ask and answer a fundamental question. For a long term cancer patient there is a time when the road splits from treatment to death. As the person responsible for an others life the question is when is the treatment really for me and my fear of grief . You have to sure of the decision of course. I was grateful for the last bit of hail mary effort. I wrote her Oncologist that the life extending treatment was not wasted. I needed that time to summon all the courage I could find to deal with what was to come. The tears had to be put away. Those tears of course are flowing again, just a little less as time passes. I am impressed that we all across the country can come together here and support one another. There is a beauty in that. Best to you Patty. Tell me what Starbucks you haunt and we will have some Joe. Paul
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    Thank you for the kind words may god bless you for reaching out to me!