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Loss of my son due to an overdose

Discussion in 'Loss from Substance Abuse' started by Johnny's mom, Aug 21, 2020.

  1. Johnny's mom

    Johnny's mom New Member

    I lost my 30 year old son to an overdose. He had been battling his opioid addiction for a few years. He had been clean for over a year. He lived with me, and I could see how hard he was trying to better himself. He started following all the rules of our society. He was on parole and was doing everything right. He was working out, taking classes, cooking, smiling, talking to me, whitening his teeth, and planning for a future. Not exactly sure what the trigger was. He knew there would be a lot of consequences for a failed drug test; prison. I found him Dead in the bathroom in the middle of the night.
  2. Chrisian

    Chrisian Member

    There are way too many of us out here whose sons and daughters have died from this disgusting opioid addiction. I lost my son before he died ! He became someone else. From a funny, brilliant healthy boy to a sad, kidnapped stranger. It was clear to me that death was a real prospect. What a horrible way t live
  3. Pamlee125

    Pamlee125 New Member

    I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my only child to a substance overdose June 2019. It seems like yesterday sometimes. I found my son in his apartment lying deceased on the floor. I was by myself except for police waiting out in hall. Our son did not let us know about his problem until 2 wks prior to his death. He knew we would do anything to help. I am doing better in my grieving process but life will never be the same. He was a kind and loving young man who would help anyone. Blessings to you for strength and healing.
  4. Chrisian

    Chrisian Member

    Pamlee125, I have thought about the type of people who get caught in the opioid addictions. They all seem to be quiet and sincere people, unable to voice their pain, they help others, they hold their pain in and are only relieved by the opioid. My son told me that in the beginning of his addiction it was heroin that provided relief from the grief of his murdered older brother; and later it just became an addiction.
  5. Chrisian

    Chrisian Member

    I'm getting really sick and tired of living my days with this miserable invasion of my thoughts. Happiness is foreign to me now, people hardly ever call anymore. I used to love life and appreciate all it's gifts. Now in stuck in the flatline....
    What a drag...
  6. mybeautyki

    mybeautyki Member

    Hi , I loss my son to an overdose a month ago. And with the pandemic he spiraled out of control. I miss him all day he was 24 and o had to identify him at his friends house. I am sorry for all of your losses.
  7. Chrisian

    Chrisian Member

    It's a heavy burden to carry with you. I'm so sorry to hear it. It's been 7 month's for me and I have not found any peace yet. Being with other people helps ease the pain for me. It's not good to be alone. Your mind will fill you with sorrow , keeping busy is a diversion that can help if you can manage that.... All these young adults are dying; I wish I could help....S
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  8. mybeautyki

    mybeautyki Member

    Thank you so much , today I woke up in tears. the day is heavy for me. I want to stay busy however I can not focus on anything right now.
  9. c marie

    c marie Active Member

    So sorry for your loss. Lost our son at age 28. May God grant you strength, comfort, and healing.
  10. Dmay83

    Dmay83 New Member

    Hi Christian, I know how you feel. Constantly being bombarded with thoughts is so exhausting. I send you good vibes =)